Hallowell, Maine is home for many talented musicians. The community has a long rich heritage of supporting local artists. From galleries, to theater, to festivals it has been a mecca for great talent.

So it's only natural that a really good song saluting Old Hallowell Day would be written and recorded. We think this might be the first.

It comes to us from Hallowell resident, Sam Shain. He is the singer and guitar player in the band Scolded Dogs.

This song's hippie jam band vibe sounds like Hallowell to us for sure. Give it a listen and we bet you'll be singing the chorus later!

On the banks of the mighty Kennebec, downtown Hallowell is often called "Augusta's Old Port" with its renowned bars, restaurants and live music.

Celebrate this unique and wonderful community with this year's Old Hallowell Day on Saturday July 20.

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