30 years ago today, AC/DC played the first of two sold out nights at the Civic Center. On May 3, 1988, AC/DC came to Portland on the Blow Up Your Video tour for night one.

These shows are particularly historic for me, because they were my first shows with the Thundah from Down Undah.  I remember the show opening with a missile rising out of the stage and Angus Young jumping out of it and rippin’ the opening licks to Heatseeker. What an entrance!

This was also the first I met the band, who at the time featured Simon Wright on drums and Stevie Young on guitar. Stevie, who is Angus and Malcolm’s nephew, was filling in for Malcolm (for the first time) who was taking a break from the tour due to health issues.

Backstage after the show, I had the privilege sitting and chatting with Angus good long time. He gave me a fancy European cigarette and we talked and laughed. I don’t remember exactly what we talked about but, I do remember the incredible feeling of “bro-in' out” and smokin’ butts with Angus. Holy crap dude!

Oh yeah, I do remember Angus telling me that he never drinks before a show (only tea). That's a good decision with all the duck-walkin' he does all night. Usually, too much motion and too much alcohol equals pukin'.

Here's what AC/DC played 30 years Ago Today at the CCCC.


Watch Angus’ heat seeking missile entrance on stage in May of ’88!

"Get Ready to Rock! Get ready to Roll!"

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