37 years ago, Van Halen returned to Portland for a third time. On May 16, 1981, the ‘Noize Boyz’ brought their Fair Warning Tour to Blimpville unleashing new songs live like UnchainedMean Street and Hear About It Later.

It was their second show as a headliner with a capacity crowd at the CCCC. There were 82 shows on this North American tour and 79 of them were sold out! This is Van Halen at their most ferocious…all killah, no fillah!

It was also the last time the original line-up of Eddie, Alex, Michael and Dave played here.

They rocked it wicked hahd that early 80s night!


Here's 3 songs from the Oakland show about a month after they conquered Portland! Hear About It Later, So This Is Love, and Unchained! Gone are the days of chugging Jack Daniels straight from the bottle and banging a gong in flames, fortunately we can see all the past glory right here.


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