According to the Portland Press Herald, vaping will soon be banned in Maine schools. There's already a Federal law prohibiting selling e-cigarettes to minors, but a vaping epidemic has still taken hold at the schools in our state. Lawmakers are stepping their efforts in the battle.

Students are vaping in school bathrooms, classrooms and on school busses. The current law only prohibits the use of tobacco products, it will now be updated to include other nicotine-delivering devices such as, but not limited to: electronic cigarettes, vaping pens, Juul, electronic hookahs, electronic cigars.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, e-cigarettes are setting back progress made in teen anti-smoking efforts. Teen smoking rates had been trending down and are now flattening because of vaping. Many students don't believe that e-cigarettes are damaging to their health. The CDC also points out that vaping gets kids hooked on nicotine. Since vaping is even more expensive than cigarettes, kids often transition to cigarettes to save money to satisfy their tobacco addiction.

The tobacco industry is grooming an entire new generation of smokers through vaping. Diabolical!

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