Well, it only took until noon today for Portland to break the record for warmest March 9th ever. The previous record was 55 degrees. Today we CRUSHED the record, as Portland hit 65 degrees. Sanford was in the 70's. The Sanford High School tennis team actually practiced outside. Go Spartans!


That's right. It's full steam ahead to Red Sox, St Pattys Day, March Madness and Mud Season!

But, let's take one final look back to February. We caught up with the awesome guys at the National Weather Service in Gray and they hit us with these weather highlights for last month. You can use these at work and come off wicked smart:

  • The average temperature for the month was 28.8 degrees. Only 3.3 degrees above normal. But, it was the 9th warmest February on record.
  • There were 9 days where the temps got above 50 degrees. A record for sure.
  • There was 20.5 inches of snow in Portland for the month. Interestingly, that's 8.4 inches above normal.
  • Lots more for you weather nerds here
Herb Ivy

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