Ben Affleck's new prohibition era film comes out Friday January 13th, the day before the New England Patriots face the Houston Texans at Gillette for the AFC Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. Time will tell if Affleck's Live by Night will be in league with The Town or Good Will Hunting. But I'll tell you what, this genius combination of sound from it's trailer and vision of Brady greatness in the face of adversity will get Pat's Nation in the super-pumped frame of mind we need for Saturday.   Pay attention and don't miss the appearance of a steel-faced Belichick while we hear the line "Do you think we got where we are by letting some inbreds muscle us?" in Ben's wicked Bahstan accent.  Goosebumps.  On to Foxboro!

The Pats will open their run to Super Bowl 51 against the Texans this Saturday night. We’ll have every play live on the Blimp. The pregame show starts at 5:00 PM and the kick-off is at 8:15 PM on 102.9 WBLM.

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