Remember shopping at LaVerdiere's Super Drug Stores before Rite-Aid bought 'em out? (and a course now Rite Aid stores are becoming Walgreens)

Years ago these locally owned stores were everywhere and they still hold a special place in many Mainers hearts especially during the holidays. So let's go back to Christmas time in Maine circa 1990.

The spot features gift ideas of everything from one of them new fangled microwaves, to a fancy new thing called a video game console. To demonstrate the incredible selection of items to choose from for everybody on your list, the announcer had to talk wicked fast in this classic commercial for LaVerdiere's. This TV ad was 30 seconds log, so ya gotta go high-speed in order to get it all in.

Man, do we love old Maine TV commercial memories!

If you ever need a LaVerdiere's fix, believe it or not they still exist.  Even though the chain of Super Drug Stores is long gone, these days there's one left and it's a General Store in China, Maine.

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