In a video posted to facebook by Mezoian Development of Saco, there was apparently a small tornado caught on camera at a jobsite in Scarborough at the Ridgewood Farms development.

The action starts with the cyclone flipping a wheelbarrow over. Then the intensity builds and it really starts a wicked dust-up.

Now I'm not a meteorologist. Hell, I can barely even pronounce that word. I'm lucky I spelled it right. I did. Didn't I?

Anyhow. being that I'm not a weather scientist. I can't certify that this is an actual tornado. But it sure does look like one to me.

The wicked Mainer reactions from the guys on the crew are hoot to hear while we watch too. One of them jokingly encourages somebody to "Go stand in it."

Then moments after a burst of laughter, the random freak of nature gives us one more little burst and fades away.

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