You know him and love him from the days in the Big Red Love Van with me on the WBLM Mini Concert. He's Dominic Lavoie and he still rocks the weekends as a Blimp DJ on Sundays from noon to 4.

You may have also seen Dom on stage over the years at various local venues performing his fantastic original music. He has been releasing albums, videos and performing live here since 2005.

Dom put out a really cool mini movie a year ago this month. It's a video version of his album, Mariposa (Spanish for butterfly). As far as we know, no Portland musician has ever put out anything as ambitious as this. It features comical local actors and adventurous players, all shot here in Maine at locations in Portland and Old Orchard Beach.

You also will be enchanted by Dominic's wicked sharp 1970's white leisure suit as he dances through several dimensions and sings his stories.


We figured you needed a break from searching for toilet paper and pasta. So, enjoy this short terrific short music film. Ladies and gentlemen, Dominic Lavoie's Mariposa.

We are also very excited for our brother Dom as he prepares to release a new full-length album later this year. His extraordinary artistry has really been taken to the next level with this one as it was produced by Grammy Award winning producer, Steve Berlin.

Steve is and has always been the saxophone player for Los Lobos. The Los Angeles legends had a huge hit in 1987 with La Bamba from the soundtrack to the movie of the same name.

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