Maine is filled with wildly talented people and we can't believe we're just now finding this awesome dude.

His name is Craig Handley of Waterville and according to his Facebook page, he's an "entrepreneur, speaker, musician, & life enthusiast."

Craig just posted a new music video and it name checks pretty much everything we love about Maine.

We say pretty much because there are so many reasons we love living here. It would be impossible to get it all into a 3 minute music video and none of us have the attention span for much more than that.

Craig is a wicked Mainah who hilariously raps his way through our notable features such as Anna Kendrick to "more moose here than you've ever seen" and a whole bunch more.

The song is simply called "Maine" and only a native would be able get all this great Northeast stuff in there. What a good idear this was. Well done, bub.


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