Dennis Barker is a painting contractor from Lovell, Maine. He is also the talented songwriter and singer for the four member band, Flooded Cellar. They do have a history of playing out, but over the past few years they've found an audience on YouTube.

That's where Flooded Cellar has given us a bunch of music videos about the struggles of living here, struggles that are mostly to do with the weather.

They've done songs about stacking wood, unreliable snowblowers, ticks, running out of heating oil, and more. These are situations that all Mainers can relate to, for sure.

This time around, Dennis Barker has gone solo as a result of social distancing. His latest work is a plea in response to a struggle that's not just specific to Maine, but for all of humanity.

The new song is called If You Really Love Me (Won't You Please Stay Away). It's a bittersweet reminder that while we'll all miss hanging out with friends and family for quite a bit, social distancing is a behavior that's truly for the best. Be well, my friends.

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