These two fellas from California did their research and created a very funny video of what it’s like to be, a man from Maine.  Their names are Rhett and Link and even though they’re ‘From Away’, they are nailin' it. In the video (shot on-location here in Maine), one guy is a lighthouse keeper and the other, a lumberjack. Both Maine dudes are lonely and looking for love. They’re doing their best to impress and attract the ladies with their Maine super powers. The lighthouse keeper can steam a lobster under the shirt with his body heat. The lumberjack can build a cabin in month’s time all by himself. It’s also filled with local fun-facts popping up on-screen throughout the song along, with Rhett and Link going head to head rattling off their Maine knowledge. We should feel honored as this is the only comedy vid these guys have done about a state, and they picked ours! Cus (Mainah for 'of course) they did!

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