We can't get enough of the adorable newborn goats from Sunflower Farm in Cumberland. Luckily, new videos keep on coming! The baby goats in pajamas videos have always been so cute to watch, we can't even stand it.

This time our friends up the road have dressed the latest arrivals in fetching outfits adorned with flowers that are a perfect match for sunny spring outdoors. Who couldn't use a little Maine baby goat fashion show to brighten up the day? It really is beautiful how well these special little smocks blend in with the weather.

According to Sunflower Farm YouTube channel,

"The last 5 goat kids (Eaton [preferred to be naked!], Jeffrey, Willow, Honeysuckle, and Baxter) were born this past Saturday to mamas Greta and Fern and are now 3 days old! Since they missed the mega pajama party, we decided to give them a small one of their own. As tiny kids they were more interested in soaking up the sun, following around the cat Virginia and listening to the birds than hopping, but they will be playing with the rest of the herd in no time. For now they are content to enjoy all the green grass that arrived about the same time they did! Stay tuned for all 53 kids in the next video. :)"

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