Folks all over the country and the world are raising their voices about issues that are important to them and Portland, Maine is no exception. Last Sunday in between many protest marches, the chanting turned to singing.  Lead and accompanied by local musicians, the public joined a collective choir celebrating some of the values that make us stronger - diversity, equality, compassion, resilience and love. It was organized by Kate Beever of Maine Music and Health and the owners of Grace restaurant with help from Portland House of Music and Coffee by Design. The event featured Portland singing legend Kenya Hall on lead vocals, performing Let Love Rule by Lenny Kravitz. There's a full band and when the community choir joins in, it'll move your heart. 

Kate Beever tells us, "It was Katie Rutherford's idea. She came to me and then to her sister (who owns Grace) to help organize it. I loved this event because music is a great way to both protest and practice self-care all at once."

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