Temp Tales. You either get it or you don’t. If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Mainah, most likely, you get it. If you’re ‘from away’, it might not seem funny to you. But us locals don’t give a care. This is our inside joke. It was announced today on Facebook that a new Temp Tales cartoon is coming this Sunday from Atom and Hanji at O’Chang Studios! It’s been a minute since their last release. That was the music video Toddy featuring former 'candidate' for Maine Governor, Green Bud Kelly, making his debut as a lead singer with his backing band, The Villains. Yuh, been bout 1/2 a year and the fans are wicked anxious for a new cartoon.  The fans are what helped make this one happen! A crowdfunding campaign has already surpassed their goal.

We finally got a trailer out of these numb nuts for the new episode premiering on Father's Day! It re-enacts the infamous ferry jumper incident last month in Lincolville. Friggin' Send-It, guy! We can't wait!

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