In case your not familiar with him, this former York County deputy sheriff grew up on the Maine and New Hampshire border and has appeared on the Tonight Show and Comedy Central. He’s also the guy who did that hilarious Patriots PSA that revealed the harsh reality of winning. This Father's Day Weekend, you can see Juston's stand-up comedy at the Rochester Opera House. The show is Saturday night at 8PM.

Watch Juston talk about his own Dad.

"He'd start drinking then get mad at the neighbor for living next to us."


Here's a funny music video parody of Jay Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind"  that Juston did a few years ago. It's called "New Dad State of Mind". Yes, being a first time father is a glorious time. It also makes us a bit insane. Happy Father's Day Blimpville!

"How the hell do you set up this mother-freakin' Pack n Play?"

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