It's the first of December and while it's off to a fairly mild start, the plow trucks will be out in full force before you know it to get our roads clear. This Maine-Made music video reminds us to be patient when we get stuck behind a plow this winter. And "Don't Try to Pass"! 

Every snowy season, plow drivers brave even the of the worst storms and spend long hours at the wheel.  “Don’t Try To Pass” is a wicked awesome song by Brian Mosher of Presque Isle, that salutes our snow battling champions. It tells the story of a plow guy named Troy from Northern Maine and features some mighty fine Mark Knopfler style finger-picking too.

Brian writes, "Living in northern Maine, the unsung heroes are the men and women who spend the overnights and early mornings making the roads passable for all of us. This song and video is for them."



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