If you grew up in Maine or New Brunswick in the 70s and early 80s, you were likely to struggle with choosing between Saturday Night Live and Dick Stacey's Country Jamboree when you got home from pahtyin' on the weekends. Mostly we just went back and forth between WVII and WCSH/WLBZ to try and catch it all. Dick Stacey owned motels and gas stations in Eastern Maine and also was the host of this legendary local variety show. This program was a about as Maine as Maine gets! Yes there were professional music performers spotlighted each weekend. But the most attractive and charming thing about the show was the locals! Anybody who wanted to be on TV could join in the jamboree. Even when someone just plain sucked, we still loved it!  And who can forget Dick Stacey's famous line from the commercial above, "See these hands? They pump gas. And by golly, they stink!"

Here's a great little montage of old time TV memories from Maine.


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