The new Temp Tales episode is called "2 O'Clock Boat" and it is very loosely based on a true story. Maine cartoon masters, O'Chang Comics re-enact the infamous ferry jumper incident that happened last month in Lincolville and hilarity ensues.

The opening scene reveals our hero, "Green Bud" Kelly and his apprentice, Adam just leaving the grocery store. They've got the truck loaded and it's time for a "smokie break". Adam thinks it's powerful stuff and Bud responds with,

"Got this sh*t offa my buddy up in Carmel. He's about a friggin' scientist with this sh*t."

Next thing you know, it's 2 minutes shy of 2pm. These dubbahs have a car ferry to catch. Friggin’ Send-It, guy! NSFW!

You either get it or you don’t. If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Mainah, most likely, you get it. If you’re ‘from away’, it might not seem funny to you. But us locals don’t give a care. This is our inside joke.

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