The "Turkey Drop" is when college freshmen break up with their high school boyfriend or girlfriend during their first school break, usually Thanksgiving. "Please pass the cranberry sauce, let's see other people." Here's the Urban Dictionary definition. By the way, you know you're older when you have to refer to this dictionary twice a month to decipher what the hell the kids are talking about. I love that there is a term for it now. It makes it so much easier to understand. Now kids can just send a text that simply reads, "Sorry Babe. Turkey drop." It's so much easier than that awkward talk we used to have to have about "growing apart" and "finding ourselves".

Boston College's publication,"the Gavel" has a great article that reads like a crisis management/grief counseling/kick-in-the-ass/reality check. I wish I had read this when I was 18.

Here's a video on how to draw a turkey stick figure. Just in case you want to decorate that Thanksgiving break up card.

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Butter fingers.