With excitement for the Big Game at a frenzied fever pitch this week, let's see what our ol' pal Fitzy and company have to say leading up to a Pats/Rams battle for the Lombardi trophy. The ultimate Pats fans are back with 3 minutes of hilarity while we count the days.  After that AFC overtime nailbiter, let's look back at some of the crazy stuff we Pats fans have been saying lately.

Here's just a few of the brilliant zingers!

  • "I had to watch overtime in the AFC Championship with a blindfold on. Like Bird Box style."
  • "A ten year won a science fair by proving Tom Brady's a cheater. Where does he go? Dumb School?"
  • "Imagine if the blown call from Saints/Rams happened to New England. This place would be like, a pile of ashes."
  • "Yeah I'm sure the people of Atlanta have forgotten all about 28-3 by now."
  • "I just need the Superbowl to be a blow-out. I can't do this anymore."




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