Wicked Funny: Francis Is Back In A New NFL Fan Therapy [NSFW]
In this new episode he once again sits in a circle with other NFL fans of opposing teams and a therapist to go over how it feels to have the Patriots off to a great start. This of course only further fuels the hate from non-Pats fans, especially the face-palming Steelers guy.
Watch Fitzy’s Funny Reaction To Gronk’s Retirement
As we come to grips with the reality that Gronk is done, no one says how we're feeling better than our old pal, Fitzy. Here's some quicks thoughts from him "before he cried and/or drank himself to sleep last night." Thanks for giving us a little laugh through tears.
WATCH: Hilarious Fitzy Celebrates Number 6
"I liken Super Bowl 53 to a delivery pizza that flipped over on the way to your house. Yeah, it was pretty ugly and kind of a hot mess. But once you scrapped all the cheese off the box and got your hands around it...mmmm, mmmm."
WICKED FUNNY: All-New Sh*t Pats Fans Say
The ultimate Pats fans are back with 3 minutes of hilarity while we count the days. After that AFC overtime nailbiter, let's look back at some of the crazy stuff we Pats fans have been saying lately.

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