Safe to say most of Pats Nation didn't expect two consecutive losses. Especially when it's to teams like the Jaguars and the Lions. Yikes. When fans like us are accustomed to victory, losing can be very hard to take to say the least. Maybe if we get in the circle and talk about the mood these losses have put us in, things will get better.

In this brand new episode of NFL Therapy titled The Pats Just Lost Two In A Row, main character Francis the Pats Fan (played by comedian Randy Gardner) joins another meeting with other NFL fans as he tries to adjust to being disappointed in Tom Brady.

Randy plays the part perfectly with no lack of brash New England foul-mouthed attitude. The original therapist played by Kady Ruth Ashcraft is back too.

After all though, we promise to stand behind our 1-2 Pats and keep the faith. We'll be live back at home from Gillette for game 4 this Sunday against Miami. Kick-off is at 1p and Pats Preview starts at 10a on 102.9 WBLM!

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