Now that we're worn out from all the heavy lifting at the end of the driveway, we gotta get our second wind and get some shoppin' done for tomorrow's celebration of love. No friggin' rest in the wintah!

If you're tryin' to think of what to get last minute like most of us, maybe you should put some extra thought into that special gift like Maine's King of Comedy, Bob Marley.

He has made up his mind to get something very unique for his wife on Valentine's or as we all grew up sayin', "Valentime's" day.

Bob's almost daily series of videos has been bringing the laughs for months now. He's hilariously covered everything Mainers relate to lately, from dead squirrels to "piss poah" weather and more.

In this new one, he's pondering how to go all out for his wife this year. So this "Valentime's" go the distance like Uncle Bobby and make it a night you two will never forget.

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