Every year we get pumped for the warmth of Springtime when April hits the calendar, only to be disappointed once again that old man winter isn't ready to pack his things and go home. It was friggin' cold yestahdee, dudebubguy!  Well the good news is, we don't see any predictions of snow. The bad news, lots of rain for the next 5 days in a row.

Our good buddies in the band Flooded Cellar made a wicked funny music video last season about what living in Maine is literally like here this month.

It's simply and aptly titled, "April in Maine".  And we love to hear those peepahs in the beginning of the video. Happy Eastah, Blimpville!

We love these guys! They get us because they are us! Flooded Cellar hail from beautiful Lovell over there on Route 5 in Oxford County. We've also featured a music video by them called Six Cords Shy of a Broken Back which hilariously laments the “seven month haul” that is winter in Maine.

Want more? Here's a brand new one just out this called "Flooded Cellar Stomp". Good schtuff...keep 'em comin' fellahs!


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