Nothin' sucks more in the wintah than realizin' the fuel tank is near or on empty. Then you check the account and see there's not enough in the budget this week to get another hundred gallons. Jeezum Crowbah!!

Next thing ya know, yer on yer way to get some diesel or K1(5 gallons at a friggin'time) to get ya through till the next delivery. We've all been theah. With another storm on the way, this a fun reminder to check yer heating oil level, bub!

We're all in for it, so why not have a laugh. These guys are great! They call themselves Flooded Cellar and they hail from beautiful Lovell over there on Route 5 in Oxford County. In the summertime, the locals enjoy Kezar Lake. The rest of the year is spent either preparing for or enduring another Maine winter just like the rest of us. 

The Flooded Cellar boys have done it again as they hilariously lament the stinky bizness of making sure the house is warm. "Oil tanks empty and I'm low on cash so I gotta go make that Diesel Dash!"

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