This summer our favorite Maine skier, Donny Pelletier decided to try ridin' the lake for a change.

He went out for his hilarious "first" run with another wicked funny fellah, Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley.
Uncle Bobby recently went out with his boys on the Master Craft to let Donny give it a whirl.

Donny's got his Moxie hat secured with electrical tape and he's ready for Captain Marley to launch-ah.

"I ain't nevah been watah skippin' but I've been tubin' a few times and I mean everybody's seen what I can do upta Sunday Rivah on the hahd watah."

Donny Pelletier is actually Bethel native Troy Murphy. He also happens to be one of the greatest mogul skiers ever to come outta Maine. He was even on Team USA in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Thanks for laughs, ya dinks.

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