Even with recent talk of tension between Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft, Pats fans know that our team has the discipline to put the blinders on and focus on the playoffs. We all need to tune out the noise and pay attention to winning against the Titans on Saturday.

Our old pal Fitzy and his squad are back with a wicked funny 'therapy session' to get us primed for the for the first post-season match-up on the March to Number 6! If we can all just talk this out, we'll be closer to sweet, sweet victory.

If you gotta run out to the store for brewskis and chips at any point during the game, no worries. You can listen to it on the Blimp!  Pre-game broadcast starts at 5:00pm and the kick-off is at 8:00pm on 102.9 WBLM, the New England Patriots Radio Network!

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