This Portland native soothed our souls a couple weeks back. He released his awesome performance of Soundgarden's Fell On Black Days as a tribute to Chris Cornell. Now he's made us all wicked proud again singing the National Anthem like it's never been sung before.  Lyle Divinsky is a name you may not be familiar with. The way things are going, everybody will soon. He has performed locally through years as a solo artist (I fondly remember seeing him singing on the sidewalk outside One City Center on Tuesdays last year.) and with his band, Model Airplane. In an article by our friend Aimsel Ponti at Maine Today, Lyle has an amazing new gig as the singer for the Colorado-based band, Motet.

Last week Lyle had the honor of singing the hardest song ever at the Colorado Rockies game! His voice will make your jaw drop. Like literally drop right onto the ground! Thank you Motet band mate, Drew Sayers for capturing the magic. Skip to about 1:58 for the song to start.


And in case you missed it, here's the moving tribute to Chris Cornell.

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