This Blimpville Holiday Tradition is back with THREE shows this year! Join WBLM on Thanksgiving weekend as local musicians come together to celebrate The Fab Four. It's the 15th Annual Beatles Night at the State Theatre in Portland!

Friday, November 24 at 8pm - $18 advance, $20 day of show, $30 for two-day ticket for NOV 24 and 25
Saturday, November 25 at 8pm - $18 advance, $20 day of show, $30 for two-day ticket for NOV 24 and 25
Sunday, November 26 at 4pm (family and kid-friendly) - $18 advance, $20 day of show, $54 for a 4-pack (limited in quantity)
All shows are all ages.
ON-SALE:  Friday, August 18 at 10am. Get your tickets for Beatles Night here!
Check out A Day in the Life from Beatles Night good!!


Here’s the story of Beatles Night in Portland:

In 2002, Spencer Albee (Rustic Overtones, AS FAST AS, School Spirit Mafia) got together with his friends and played a night of Beatles music at The Big Easy in Portland. The show sold out. 13 years and four larger venues later, this beloved night has grown in to an annual holiday family tradition. Rolling Stone magazine also covered the event in 2013. Now why would an original musician dip into what some people would call “cover band stuff?” The answer is simple. He and his friends LOVE the Beatles.

On stage there will be real strings, real horns and anything else they will need to faithfully recreate some of the most beloved recordings of all time. The band is comprised of original musicians, so the songs are played with a sense of reverence and freshness, while still adapting them to the live setting.


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