That headline was not a typo, if you haven't been to Biddeford in the last two years, you're missing out on a true transformation.

Biddeford is now being called "Little Brooklyn" because so many artists are moving in to take advantage of amazing studio spaces and low rent. Where the arts go, you will find an invigorated, young vibe that expects great coffee, excellent- but affordable food, good beer and some entertainment too. The people moving into Biddeford now are definitely taking advantage of it's best aspects while bringing new life into the city.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Biddeford is now one of Maine's youngest cities, this is not just a pepere town anymore. The median age is now 35 overall and only 29 in town. The increase in young people over the past few years has been amazing as Biddeford rebrands itself, rising up from the ashes of the collapsed textile manufacturing economy. Once empty storefronts now house a variety of businesses and a new era of redevelopment has begun thanks to the influx of young, innovative thinkers and doers moving into the city. Brewers too, love the brewers.

Biddeford Restaurant Week is March 17th-23rd, sponsored by Heart of Biddeford+Saco, where you will find all of the details.

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