33 years ago today, Frank Zappa made his final concert appearance in Portland, Maine.  On March 15, 1988, Frank’s US Tour stopped at the Civic Center. We were very fortunate along with the thousands of other Blimpsters to witness this very special night. As sadly 5 years later, he was gone after a battle with prostate cancer.

This was Zappa’s third concert at the CCCC. It will forever be in our memory as the time we heard the coolest cover ever of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven as the encore. The horn section playing the signature Jimmy Page guitar solo is a treasure for the ears.

This was my one and only Frank Zappa show. I remember being amazed at seeing that in addition to his vocals and guitar playing, Zappa was also the conductor of a wonderfully bizarre orchestra bringing his compositions to life. I am truly blessed to have been able to witness this level of greatness here in our city with my fellow Zappa freaks of Maine.

We count at total of 5 concerts here from Frank Zappa. His first trip here was in 1970 with The Mothers Of Invention at USM.

Check it out performed in Vienna just a couple months after the last Portland show.

Here's everything Frank and his mind-blowing band of musicians played  for us at the Civic Center.


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