At about 11:45 on Friday night, I came upon a product on Etsy that made me laugh out loud. So I decided that it is high time to share the weirdness that I find on this sight for indie artists and crafts people! Here is my Etsy Find of the Week! A bikini top with painted on nipples that gives the illusion of toplessness! I give to you ...TheTaTaTopShop!

Here is a video of two beautiful women doing yoga in their Ta Ta Tops, and taking it all very seriously...

I think these are hysterical, though I have no idea where you could actually wear one! I can't wait to see what treasure I find this week!

What do you think, gross or hot? What would you do if your best friend, neighbor's wife or favorite aunt showed up at your pool party in one of these?! Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #tatatopshop.

Personally, I couldn't do it. But wow.