Another week and another "bumper crop" of amazing Maine vanity license plates curated from the man, the myth, the legend-the famous Morgan the Great from the Vanity of Maine Instagram page. Here are our top 5 of the week...


This plate perfectly describes this car...and hopefully all those who drive it.


An iphone fan for sure.


What else would you name your green Jeepster? It's not easy being green!


We see all kinds of ASSMAN incarnations on Maine plates  Looks like this motorist came a little late to the party and had to get a bit more creative to show off their love of the derriere. We're not sure why you think we need to know this face about you but we thank you for sharing nonetheless.



And in honor of this past weekend's 4-20 celebration, we bring you our #1 pick of the week. Hey, it's always 420 somewhere!

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