With over 990,000 vehicles on the Maine Turnpike this weekend, we thought it would be only fitting to give you another "Best Of" the week from Morgan at Vanity of Maine. For those of you who may be visiting Maine this long weekend, know that you may see some pretty interesting vanity plates as you travel our fair state. You see, in Maine you can say ANYTHING you want on your vanity plate. It's a First Amendment thing as we see it. And belive me,we take full advantage of the opportunity. Here are some of our fave plates found this week. If you are new to Maine, reading our vanity plates is a great way to get to know us!


Mainers love to fish. Times TWO!



Know that this weekend Mainers are getting all ramped up for the Stanley Cup Finals! After all, it's been about 150 days sice we won a World Championship in something or other!


We won't be bashful with dropping an F Bomb along the way either



This is a good opporuntity to tell you to keep a wicked keen eye out for our bikers this weekend!


This translates into "I Suppose" which is a lukewarm affirmative in Maine.


And yes, if you partake in some of our B&M Baked beans this weekend will too.

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