We hope you are doing ok with spending more time at home and dealing with all of this. In honor of the current situation, we found some Maine vanity license plates that really resonated with us. Remember, in Maine, you can put whatever you want on your license plate, as long as you can do it in seven characters or less. Vanity of Maine is the greatest site for finding the good, bad, ugly and downright profane of Maine Vanity Plates


Yup, we're all a little down these days.


Dramatic? Yes. Accurate? Unfortunately also a yes. But, hey we will get through this!


For all of you doing a good job social distancing...



All of us our getting creative getting what we need to get through our days. For all the homebrewers and distillers out there...


Hust to throw insult t injury. Goodbye TB12!!


Good words of wisdom right now. Be patient and UB Nice!



Finally, we hope you and your family are staying healthy and getting used to the new normal. Hang in there!



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