One of the most common words uttered in Maine is absolutely the word, 'wicked'. With the weathah gettin' bettah, more and more 'summer complaints' are arriving each day here in Vacationland. It’s important to instruct these folks 'from away' on the proper way to use this popular New England word in a sentence. 

For instance, just saying something is wicked might be interpreted as being negative. In Maine when we use the word wicked, it’s a positive as in  "That's wicked decent!" Translation: That’s really decent! Now watch the video and “say it right!”

These two Downeast knuckleheads are here to explain the proper use of the word, ‘wicked’ with their Maineglish instructional video. Meet Chipper and Randy from Glenburn  (up neah Bangor, guy). These friggin’ guys are hilarious! They are the Wayne and Garth of Maine.

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