Whether it's singing the praises of Maine's most famous soft drink, telling us what he wants to be when he grows up, or cuttin' timber with a plastic knife, we can't get enough of viral video star Justin Peters

“Why? You may ask.” I’ll tell ya why. He has a natural ability to tell a good story. What he says and how he says it in that Wicked Mainah voice, will make you laugh every time. That smile will get ya too. The big news isn't that Little Peters signed up for No Shave November, it's that he's bringing his big personality and new beard to the stage. He's been invited by Maine's King of Comedy, Bob Marley to join the show this Friday night (10/23) at the University of Maine's Collins Center for the Arts in Orono.

Watch Little Peters deliver the big news and buy tickets here!

And here's the moment Bob Marley saw Little Peters for the first time!