I found a fabulously wholesome Maine Etsy shop in Newport that I feel compelled to introduce you to! Fat Belly Farm creates lots of natural soaps and products using donkey milk and goat's milk. I'll be ordering some Monkey Fart Scented Soap for my kids. This sassy soap is made from Goat's milk and a blend of bananas, tangerine, pineapple and other delicious tropical fruits that will make your little  monkeys smell yummy after their bath! The site claims that the lather is rich and moisturizing and excellent for sensitive skin.

What else do we have from Fat Belly Farm?...


OK, stay with me. I know it sound a little...exotic? However, donkey milk has been used as a beauty enhancer since Cleopatra. She bathed in donkey milk, and she looked just like Elizabeth Taylor!

Just in time for Father's Day, pick up Five Sample Size Beard Oils.


I'm not a beard girl, but work some orange clove beard oil into it and I might just become a fan.

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Glowing like Cleopatra.