As I started writing about Maine Restaurant Week, I had to pause and make my first reservation. I called David's Opus Ten to reserve the chef's counter for their 12 taste extravaganza during M.R.W..

If you've never been to this delicious hidey hole inside David's Restaurant on Monument Square, make your reservation now and treat yourself to a decadent experience. Mark and I go a couple times a year and always save our menu. I'm not one to take pictures of my food, but I do when I go to Opus Ten. I'm not even on Insta, I just love looking back at the pictures and remembering what a beautiful time we had. I only wish those pictures could capture the fragrances and flavors that we savored.

Here's a couple of them:

David Turin


Here's the menu for David's Opus Ten during Maine Restaurant Week:

This Is an 8 dish (12 Tastes) Menu - Diners get every item listed


Surprise trio of hors d'oeuvres

Porcini dusted scallop • crab • tarragon butter sauce • cheesy grits • watercress • peppers


Sage fettucine carbonara • local bacon• Parmigiano-Reggiano

Maine wild blueberry, lemon & thyme sorbet / Frozen vodka

Duck and chicken andouille boudin • curried date gastrique


Sous vide pork tenderloin • sweet potato hash • braised spinach • balsamic apples

White chocolate mousse • almond tuile • berry coulis • crème fraiche

Pistachio meringue/ Cranberry-pecan moulinette /Milk chocolate truffle

Maine Restaurant Week is the perfect time to check out a place that you've never been to. My choice this year is Pine Point Grill. I've been hearing a lot about them from my coworkers so I checked out their M.R.W. menu. I'm in.

Here's Pine Point Grill's Maine Restaurant Week Menu:


BRUSSEL SPROUTS - Truffle vinaigrette, shaved parmesan, fine herbs

SHAVED PEAR, PROSCIUTTO & WATERCRESS SALAD - pine nuts & herb vinaigrette

LOBSTER, BACON & JALAPENO PIZZETTA - garlic ricotta, mozzarella,& arugula


ANGUS STEAK TAGLIATA - hanger steak, potato, mushroom bordelaise sauce, Swiss chard

TRUE NORTH SALMON - house fettucine, roasted red peppers, asparagus, garlic butter, parmesan

SHORT RIB RAVIOLIS & SCALLOPS - house raviolis, natural jus, broccollini, gremolata


CREME BRULEE` - Classic velvety custard with a sugar crust

PEAR ALMOND TART - offered warm with French vanilla ice cream

PINE POINT TIRAMISU - Kahlua soaked lady fingers, mascarpone mousse and chocolate

Wilson County Barbecue in Portland caught my eye with the promise of something out of the box for me. Eastern North Carolina smoked whole hog style barbecue with all the  southern fixings that I've never tried, but really want to. Their menu literally made my mouth water.

Maine Restaurant Week is a 12 day Eat-A-Thon to support our incredible restaurants, pubs, cafes and diners during the most difficult time of year for them. Enjoy amazing food at great prices, leave a big tip and a smile for the hard working wait staff too. Check out participating spots and make your reservations today.

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