Maine Restaurant Week is my favorite time of year for celebrating the bounty of  talented chefs and pleasant restaurant staff here in Staycationland. Yes, it is definitely local's season and we should take advantage of it. There are so many great places to have breakfast, lunch and dinner- without a line!

This is the hardest time of year for our hospitality industry. Maine Restaurant Week is a call to arms for locals to go spend a few bucks and leave a good tip when times are tight for the abundance of amazing restaurants, diners and pubs that make up our culinary landscape.

Our go-to for special occasions is David's Opus Ten. I fangirl over David Turin because his cooking just feeds my soul. His exotic mushroom ravioli at his David's location on Monument Square can enhance a good day or put a positive spin on a bad one.

Opus Ten is a tasting menu, and even foods that I don't typically care for, like beets, taste great when Chef Turin deals with them.

Mark and I had a date night Thursday at David's Opus Ten, here he is with the menu and a huge smile because he was about to eat like a king!


Our first course was a pan fried ricotta gnudi with local mushrooms, Madeira sauce and Parmigiano-Reggiano.


After our first course, I completely forgot to take pictures because I got so lost in the food, wine pairings and great conversation with my boo.

Let's go over my Top Five Favorite Things About Maine Restaurant Week:

  1. It's a much needed date night. I haven't sat across the table from Mark for a meal since before Christmas. He's a really great date and the couple of hours that we spent together felt like a week in the Bahamas.
  2. I didn't shop, I didn't cook, I didn't clear a plate and wash it. More bread with maple butter? Yes, please.
  3. The prices are great. You don't have to give up a heating oil delivery to enjoy some of the best restaurants in Maine.
  4. Maine Restaurant Week is 12 days, I like anything that gives me more time! We'll be eating our hearts out through Tuesday!
  5. I like the opportunity to try a more expensive restaurant, pay a little less and not compete for a table at the high level that I need to in July. I also feel good about supporting our restaurant scene in general.

Culinary rock star David Turin with our surprise hors d'oeuvres:

David Turin

Dessert was chocolate budino, caramelized bananas, tres leches cake and salted caramel!


Support your favorite spots, or try something new. Visit maine restaurant Week's website for a list of participating restaurants and their menus!



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