A recent article in the Portland Press Herald really pressed my hot button, it was about noisy restaurants, the bane of my existence! Now that I'm a bit older, I've got a little disposable income to throw at our amazing local restaurants. But they are SO freaking loud inside that I have sworn many of them off.

Some of these restaurants have incredible food but I can't hold a conversation to even talk about it while I'm there. If I have to wait to have a conversation in the car on our ride home, I'm out and never going back.

Sometimes restaurant noise comes from open kitchens, could be all of the trendy hard surfaces, inconsiderate diners getting hammered and yelling or it could be the ever present music that is keeping me from loving the moment that I'm in. It's no surprise that my favorite restaurant on this earth is David's Opus Ten which has sound proofing!

Are you turned off by loud restaurants? Have you ever left one or never come back because it was too loud?

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