NESN caught my attention with an article about making the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday. I'm all about it. NESN included information taken from a poll done by Lend EDU and it shows that Americans would love a day to recover their voices, sobriety, cholesterol and sodium levels before returning to polite society. Many folks will choose to stay home regardless, and those showing up at the office and playing hurt Monday expect greatly diminished levels of productivity.

Here's how the poll shook out:

52.4% of people polled want the day after the Super Bowl to be a national holiday

38.9% will stay home even though it isn't

Last year 111.9 million people, a third of the U.S. population, watched the Super Bowl. Bosses and managers should readjust their expectations for February fifth and be prepared for the workers who do show up to be hoarse from yelling at the T.V. and slow from the excess of food and alcohol.

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