Growing up in Maine in the 70s and 80s, we were always warned by our mothers not to eat the apple that inevitably ended up in our Halloween loot sack. There's only one thing more disappointing than having your neighbor drop fruits and vegetables in there instead of candy.

That of course would dumping the contents of your pillow case onto the living floor after hitting every house on the block and seeing a toothbrush slipped in somehow too. My grandfather was a dentist and insisted that they were the perfect treat for costumed kids. Sorry, no thanks gramp.

But, let's back up to the apple thing.  We really didn't have any interest in biting into a crisp red delicious instead of loading up on Reeses and Kit-Kats anyway. Nevertheless, our worried moms would always inspect our Halloween hauls for the nefarious apples before we could take full possession of our bounty. Why? Well. Razor blades of course!

Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley has been posting 60 second videos almost daily on Facebook this Fall. Just in time for Halloween, Uncle Bobby takes on the apple scare from the olden days. Now gimme some candy! And remember to be on the safe side, take the kids to people you know for trick-or-treating.

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