This incredible video featuring Tim (best guitarist in Portland, there we said it!) Emery is all we need to get pumped for this year's Beatles celebration at the State Theatre. His rendition of the guitar solo (originally performed by Eric Clapton) is spot on.


We are so lucky to have so much incredible musical talent in Greater Portland.

Thanks to YouTube user Kevin Gallagher for putting this gem up from year 14!

The Thanksgiving tradition is now in it's 16th year. If you love the Beatles like these local artists and your friends at the Blimp love the Beatles, ummm, you gotta see it.

Now billed as Spencer and the Walrus, the shows are produced by Spencer Albee and Sean Morin.

The amazingly talented band features:

Jon Roods (Rustic Overtones), Dan Capaldi (Sea Level), Blythe Armitage (Spencer Albee), Andrew Hodgkins (Spencer Albee, Ghost of Paul Revere), Katie Matzell with The Maine Youth Rock Orchestra and the Fogcutters horns.

Here's what Spencer and the Walrus will be performing:

Friday: ‘62-‘66 (The Red Album) in its entirety plus more at 8pm
Saturday: ‘67-‘70 (The Blue Album) in its entirety plus more at 8pm
Sunday: Family Matinee at 4pm

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