Thanksgiving weekend in Maine is way sweeter when you can hear the music of the Beatles performed live and note for note by some of Portland's most talented musicians. That's what happened again for the16th year at the beautiful State Theatre on Congress Street.

The mind-blowing line to get in on Saturday night was all the way around the corner and stretching down High Street. We not sure if was officially sold-out, but it sure was packed inside by showtime. It is truly amazing that a crowd this immense gathers to support local artists. Why? Because year after year , the concerts faithfully interpret the magic of the Beatles.

Friday night they performed stuff from the Red Album and on Sunday afternoon there was a matinee show so lots of kids could join the fun.

Now billed as Spencer and the Walrus, the shows are produced by Spencer Albee and Sean Morin.

The amazingly talented band features:

Jon Roods (Rustic Overtones), Dan Capaldi (Sea Level), Blythe Armitage (Spencer Albee), Andrew Hodgkins (Spencer Albee, Ghost of Paul Revere), Katie Matzell with The Maine Youth Rock Orchestra and the Fogcutters horns plus special guests like Zack Jones, Griffin Sherry and Dominic Lavoie.

Whether you were any of the shows or not this weekend, you'll want to watch this fantastic montage of night 2 featuring the songs of the Blue Album from the Saturday night show. You'll see why WBLM was so proud to present these very special performances with News Center Maine.  Thank you to Youtube user, Shanknahs for this cool super-cut!

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