We're all still waiting patiently around for the next Temp Tales release. Well actually we are impatiently waiting, simply because we are wicked excited to see it! The reason we haven't seen any of the wildly popular Maine cartoon shorts for quite a while is that the creators at O'Chang Comics have been working on something big.

Late in 2017 they announced plans for their first full-length animated feature titled, "The One Strain to Rule Them All".

Looks like they'll be no lack of "smokie breaks" in the Temp Tales movie.

Here's the synopsis of the film from the official O'Chang press release.

"Based on island lore, “The One Strain to Rule Them All” begins in ancient times (circa 1974) when a great hippy wizard on a distance island in Penobscot Bay creates a magical strain of super bud with the power to bring peace and common decency to the land. But with the recent legalization of pot comes a powerful dark force from away threatening to steal the glorious strain and destroy a way of life that has sustained island folk for generations. But not if Green Bud Kelly and his rowdy band of ne'er-do-wells have anything to say about it!"


To help get it off the ground, O'Chang launched a crowd funding campaign.

As Temp Tales star Bud says, "$5, $10, $20 whatevah! I don’t give a fahk! Let's make some moah friggin' cahtoons!"

We still don't know when it will be finished. But, hopefully we are getting closer to seeing what will likely be a wicked funny epic Maine movie with this little tease dropping this week. Fingers crossed!

Here's a just revealed new still. Does this scene look familiar to ya? What a sesh, guy. We can't wait to see this!


In case you haven't watched it yet, check out this hilarious pitch video of our heroes Green Bud Kelly and the gang trying to get backing for the project.

They also show us a preview of the new movie opening with an awesome 'middle earth' map of Maine!

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