Dennis Barker of the band from Lovell, Maine called Flooded Cellar wrote a song recently that reflects his experience being a rural Mainer during the pandemic.

It's called "Hunkering Down" which is of course a phrase we use frequently around here, especially these days.

Dennis recorded the new song and made a video to go along with it. The video features him at home in isolation surrounded by trees. "Just them trees and me."

Apparently, all this time spent between being at home watching TV all day and going outside to be with trees is starting to get to him.

In the song he sings that  "those trees are talkin' crap about me when I'm gone."

This is the second pandemic themed song Dennis has released. His first one titled "If You Really, Really Love Me, (Won't You Please Stay Away)" came out about a month ago. It's so crazy how just one month already feels like a year.

Watch the new video for Hunkering Down. It also features footage of Flooded Cellar playing together at their headquarters when they were a featured story on WMTW-TV.

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