Temp Tales. You either get it or you don't. If you're a dyed-in-the-wool Mainah, most likely, you get it. If you're 'from away', it might not seem funny to you. But us locals don't give a care. This is our inside joke. Well, last week we got the great news that a new Temp Tales cartoon is coming soon from Atom and Hanji at O'Chang Studios! It's been a minute since their last release, the music video Toddy when former candidate for Maine Governor, Green Bud Kelly, made his debut as a lead singer with his backing band, The Villains. Yuh, been bout 1/2 a year and the fans are wicked anxious for a new cartoon. Last week it was announced on the O'Chang Facebook page that a new one was on the way with this explanation as to what's takin' so friggen long.

 Ok! A lot of folks ask why we don't make more Temp Tales cartoons - well, the answer is that it takes a whole helluvalot of time and we've got full-time jobs.


They have a crowd source fund set up with Idiegogo to help get the next episode to completion. There goal is 1000 bucks and as of this week, they're only a couple hundred away from reaching it. So, "Drive 'er MacGyver!" They'll hook you up with some pretty decent swag for your generosity too!
Here's some new 'aht' from the upcoming episode!


We love the characters in Temp Tales! Of course they are exaggerations, but they ain't too far off from depicting workin' class lifelong Mainahs with an affection for jibbahs and burgly gurglies.

Here's  the now classic episode when Bud meets his apprentice, Adam for their first day together on the job site.

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