Admit it. The clock says it's lunchtime. You look at a work buddy and think, "I wonder if they've eaten anything yet?" Except when you open your mouth it comes out, "Jeet?" This is a language only people from Maine understand because it belongs to us. If your work buddy has in fact not had anything for lunch (and is also from Maine) they will likely respond with, "No, Joo?" Listen. We're usually right out straight. We Mainahs need to economize speech so there's time to get some work done. Our unique vernacular is a constant fascination to folks from away as well as the folks who live here and don't think we talk funny. Well we do. Wicked.

This smaht fella right heah splains it. We love how he gives a serious breakdown of how us locals reduce "Did you eat?" to "Jeet?"  Good schtuff, bub.

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